Pixeltin Photo Uploader Initial Coding

Pixeltin Photo Uploader Initial Coding

I've had some time on my hands so I've rolled up my sleeves and started digging further into the Pixeltin Photo Uploader utility.

It's being coded in C++ and initially is a console/command line application. I'm planning on adding a GUI using wxWidgets and having it available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. For the gearheads out there we're also using libcurl for the data/file transfers, and sqlite for storing settings and caching the image information locally. As we move forward I'm hoping to also have android and ios apps available to submit imagea from mobile devices.

Next week I'll be syncing up the first 3000 images that we scanned from my late mother-in-laws estate earlier this year and use them as test data for the web site coding.

I'm also using this as an opportunity to use Doxygen to document the project. In case you're not aware of it, this utility allow you to put specially formatted comments in your source code files and then Doxygen generates a full set of documentation in html and pdf formats. This should help in the event that we bring on additional developers or wind up selling the project somewhere down the line.

For more information about the project please check out our technical overview or the Pixeltin home page, and/or email info@pixeltin.net.