Current Gear

Current Gear

Monday, Jan 1, 0001 by Leon

In case anyone was interested I thought I would list my current gear. I’m sure this isn’t comprehensive, but I’ll try to keep it up to date:


Fuji X30 - compact mirrorless camera with a fixed 4x zoom lens.

Nikon AW120 - I picked this one up as a handy waterproof point and shoot camera for hiking. It does pretty good, and is what we wound up using on our negative scanning project.

GoPro Hero 7GoPro Hero 7 - after borrowing my nephews older GoPro I settled on this one. See my blog post on why I settled on this one instead of the GoPro8.

Photo Accessories

Polaroid Photo AlbumPolaroid Photo Album - After having a wave of photo nostalgia wash over me I’ve started to take pictures with my monther-in-laws old Polaroid SX-70 along with some Polaroid 600s that I picked up in an auction a while back. After a few pictures I realized there wasn’t a good way to keep them save. After some searching I came across this on Amazon. It’s available in a number of colors and seems to work pretty good.



I’m a (flash)light nerd, and spend way too much time on the flashlight subreddit. These are a few of my go-to items

Wowtac A2s - The A2/A2s is my favorite go-to light. It’s small size, low cost, simple UI, and long runtime make it the one that I try to always have on my. It’s a little too large to EDC, but is the I want with me when I’m camping or on a trip ‘just in case’. It is a right-angle light and also comes with a handy head strap.

Streamlight Stylus Pro - this is one I keep in my computer and bike bags and was the second ‘real’ flashlight that I picked up. It has two AAA batteries in it so is a bit brighter and last longer than the other stylus variants, and has a simple UI that anyone can use.

Streamlight MicrostreamStreamlight Microstream - I just picked up a couple of these to give out to friends and family to have ‘just-in-case’ The price point, simple UI, and AAA batteries make it something anyone can use.

Streamlight Microstream USBStreamlight Microstream USB - similar in size to the Microstream, this model has a built in rechargable Li-Ion battery which give it a brighter light and longer runtime. I’m particularly fond of the FDE version

Streamlight Siege XStreamlight Siege X - while not as big/beefy/bright as the BLF LT1, the compact size and the fact that it takes a standard 18650 battery makes it handy to keep in the kit.


  • Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II
  • Maxpedition Malaga Gearslinger
  • Cotton Carrier Strap