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GoPro Hero 7 vs Hero 8

09/05/2020 by Leon

I decided to start recording some videos for another project and figured it was finally time to pick up a GoPro - so the question came up as to which one to get. To cut to the chase - I chose the Hero 7. While the 8 has better image stabilization, there were two things that really turned me off to it.

The first thing was that the 8 does not have a user replaceable lens cover. On the 7 and previous models there was a clear lens cover that the user could replace themselves in the event of a scratch. I mean really, it's an action camera, you are eventually going to drop it or it's going to be involved in a drone crash. From what I've seen on YouTube, GoPro will not even replace it if you send it back for service in the event of a scratch. It's not covered under warranty, so they expect you to buy a new unit.

The other thing, which may be a bit nit-picky on my end, is the rubber device mount on the bottom. In previous models the mount where the GoPro screws into things for mounting was made out of hard plastic. Starting with the Hero 8 it's more of a rubbery substance that looks like it has a little give to it. While you can replace the rubbery part if it breaks, it just seems a bit flimsy to me, especially if I'm depending on it to not have my camera flying off somewhere.

Besides these two things, the pricing on the 7 was really attractive.

For futher info be sure to check out some of the many YouTube comparisons which were done. They are the things that alterted me to the above issues and help me decide on which model to go with.

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Docker Mini Server / AWS Elastic Beanstalk

08/30/2020 by Leon

I haven't gotten into Docker much yet, even thought it's had quite the buzz over the past few years. As both part of a proposal for a prospective client, along with doint a proof of concept, I put together a docker image based on Alpine Linux, utilizing ClamAV/Freshclam and Darkhttpd to provide a local mirror of ClamAV virus definitions.

There was a bit of a learning curve to get all the moving pieces to work togther, but I think it turned out pretty well. Basically, I set up a base Alpine Linux docker image, added freshclam, darkhttpd, openrc, and lua5.3. Darkhttpd was configured to serve up the /var/lib/clamav directory that held the ClamAV virus definitions, and I wrote a script in lua that freshclam calls to update an index.html page in the database directory that lists the data files, their sizes, and date/time that they were updated.

Previously I had downloaded a Docker book for my kindle which came in very handy for this excersize. I would higly recommend this for anyone learning docker.

The initial coding was half the battle, the harder part was getting it deployed to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, sizing the instance properly, and then figuring out how to debug and update it. In the end it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was going to be. If you do go down this road I suggest that you be sure to install the elastic beanstalk command line utility, which really helps connecting to a running instance.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll put everyting up in a public git repository for your perusal. The end result can be found here for now.

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What, Another Web Framework?

05/12/2020 by Leon
I've been developing applications for the web since the dawn or time (or at least the dawn of the internet). Everything from Server Side Includes (SSI), Perl (known as the duct tape of the internet), and PHP. However, …
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Linode Object Storage

05/06/2020 by Leon
So I recently found that Linode began offering S3 compatible object storage. Upon reading the documentation I found that it had the one options that pushed me to Rackspace Cloudfiles.
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Linux Live CD

09/17/2019 by Leon
While trying to get my new laptop set up I used my normal procedures - namely using a USB->SATA connector to format the new drive, copy everything over, then booting a livecd with the drive in the new laptop in order …
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MYSQL Upgrade Remnants / Dump Error

04/30/2018 by Leon
While doing some maintenance and upgrading a backup server I noticed that the mysql dumps that are done before rsyncing daily were too small. We had just a production database over to this server a few weeks ago, and I …