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WebDAV Revisited

05/10/2021 by Leon

One of my clients wanted me to set up a simple single page web site that she could access and edit via WebDAV on her Mac. While I haven't dabbled in WebDAV for a few years, how hard could it be. I'm using NGINX, and there are a couple of modules for it, so I should be good to go. Or so I thought.

While I was able to initially get it set up and working with linux utilities such as DavFS, and Litmus didn't complain too bad, her Mac balked and would only open it in readonly mode, and couldn't create any new directories. After an hour or two of testing it turns out a few years ago Apple decided that they wanted a full featured WebDAV implimentation that is beyond what NGINX provides, no matter how much you tweak the configuration file.

The solution I settled on was Sabre, which is a PHP implimentation of a webdav server. It turnes out to be full featured, includes multiple authentication methods, didn't take too much to get set up, and Litmus and my client's Mac seems to be happy at this point. Guess we've got another wrench in the toolbox.

photo by Manuel Geissinger from Pexels

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Upgraded File Upload Logic

03/06/2021 by Leon

Recently one of my clients asked to have their file upload pages upgraded to show a progress bar and allow multiple files to be uploaded at once. After some DuckDuckGo-ing I settled on a solution based on FlowJS.

While not the documentation was not totally intuitive, I was able to get things up and running pretty quickly. Besides the above link, I found a number of tutorials online, but this one was most helpful, including pointing me to the simple PHP Based Server to handle the uploads on the other end.

Flow easily allows you to craft custom handlers for not only upload progress but also completion messages.

Worth noting is that I also came across FilePond, but thought that in the end the flow.js base solution looked best.

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GoPro Hero 7 vs Hero 8

09/05/2020 by Leon
I decided to start recording some videos for another project and figured it was finally time to pick up a GoPro - so the question came up as to which one to get. To cut to the chase - I chose the Hero 7 . While the 8 …
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Docker Mini Server / AWS Elastic Beanstalk

08/30/2020 by Leon
I haven't gotten into Docker much yet, even thought it's had quite the buzz over the past few years. As both part of a proposal for a prospective client, along with doint a proof of concept, I put together a docker …
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What, Another Web Framework?

05/12/2020 by Leon
I've been developing applications for the web since the dawn or time (or at least the dawn of the internet). Everything from Server Side Includes (SSI), Perl (known as the duct tape of the internet), and PHP. However, …
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Linode Object Storage

05/06/2020 by Leon
So I recently found that Linode began offering S3 compatible object storage. Upon reading the documentation I found that it had the one options that pushed me to Rackspace Cloudfiles.