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Linux Live CD

09/17/2019 by Leon
While trying to get my new laptop set up I used my normal procedures - namely using a USB->SATA connector to format the new drive, copy everything over, then booting a livecd with the drive in the new laptop in order …
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MYSQL Upgrade Remnants / Dump Error

04/30/2018 by Leon
While doing some maintenance and upgrading a backup server I noticed that the mysql dumps that are done before rsyncing daily were too small. We had just a production database over to this server a few weeks ago, and I …
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Connecting TCL to MS SQL Server (Linux) (Continued)

10/21/2017 by Leon
After a couple weeks of development, debugging, and testing, the revised scripts have been put into production. We just came across a couple of finer points that we had to word around. I'm guessing that these may be …
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Connecting TCL to MS SQL Server (Linux)

10/08/2017 by Leon
One of my clients called up asking to have an old data loader script (written in TCL) updated to post to MS SQL Server as well as to the legacy Postgres server. I was kind of surprised how easy it was.
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Fuji X30

08/21/2017 by Leon
My current go-to camera is my Fuji X30. This is a compact mirrorless 12mp camera with a fixed 4x zoom lens.