WebDAV Revisited

WebDAV Revisited

Friday, Jun 4, 2021 by Leon

One of my clients wanted me to set up a simple single page web site that she could access and edit via WebDAV on her Mac. While I haven’t dabbled in WebDAV for a few years, how hard could it be. I’m using NGINX, and there are a couple of modules for it, so I should be good to go. Or so I thought.

While I was able to initially get it set up and working with linux utilities such as DavFS, and Litmus didn’t complain too bad, her Mac balked and would only open it in readonly mode, and couldn’t create any new directories. After an hour or two of testing it turns out a few years ago Apple decided that they wanted a full featured WebDAV implimentation that is beyond what NGINX provides, no matter how much you tweak the configuration file.

The solution I settled on was Sabre, which is a PHP implimentation of a webdav server. It turnes out to be full featured, includes multiple authentication methods, didn’t take too much to get set up, and Litmus and my client’s Mac seems to be happy at this point. Guess we’ve got another wrench in the toolbox.

photo by Manuel Geissinger from Pexels